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Non-combustable loose fill expanded glass bead aggregate/insulation - 5m3 in bulk bags (more available)

Non-combustible, expanded recycled glass beads 4-8mm in size, free-flowing even into awkward spaces, lightweight, non-absorbent, proof against rodents/insects etc. Ideal for filling voids under floor, ceiling, cable ducts etc or as an aggregate for insulated floor screeds. Suitable for use under suspended wooden floors in Victorian buildings etc, in floor screeds for livestock buildings and other insulated concrete floors - ideal for underfloor heating. High strength, high sound insulation performance, thermal conductivity W/(m-k) 0.066, environmentally friendly material. Does not age or decay. Identical to products such as Geocell, Poraver, Nebulight etc., similar to Leca but with somewhat higher insulation performance. Currently in one tonne 'big bags' - capacity min 0.5 m3. This listing for 10 bulk bags but up to 40 available. Forklift loading available onto flatbed or trailer.

Quantity: 10 big bags

Location: Norfolk Cost: £1,100.00
Distance: Available until: Sunday 1 October


Leftover listed by Petlyn on Wednesday 9 August

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