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TradeLeftovers is the answer to unnecessary waste within the building industry.

It really is a very simple concept:

  1. Advertise your spare and surplus materials - it's an easy way to dispose of stuff.
  2. Browse your local leftovers to see if there is anything you can use!

TradeLeftovers helps you to work together with other local tradesmen to reduce waste and reuse materials. It makes environmental and economic sense!

Does it cost anything?

Leftovers are individually priced, although many items are free to collect.

It is absolutely free to register and use the site, and there is no commission on selling items through TradeLeftovers.

What leftovers can be listed?

The service is designed primarily for tradesmen to swap surplus materials - pretty much anything you would buy from a builder's merchant or trade supplier. You could also list items involved in your work (tools, plant, office equipment etc.) but not your products (e.g. cabinet makers should not advertise their normal range).

What does the web site do?

All items are listed on the web site, you can search by location or category to find the things you need. You can even save your searches, and we will email you when leftovers you are looking for are added to our listings.

If you have any suggestions about how to improve our service or web site please email support@tradeleftovers.com

Who is behind TradeLeftovers?

Tradeleftovers is another brilliant idea from checkatrade - the tradesperson's Internet guru.

Checkatrade monitors tradesmen to give customers impartial references and monitoring scores about the reliability and trustworthiness of tradesmen.

Find out more about becoming a Checkatrade member and improving your marketing and local reputation.